On the Cloud? Data Integrity for
Insurers in Cloud-Based Platforms

Wednesday, June 07, 2023

In our undeniably digital world, data is one of the most precious assets in business. This is especially true for the insurance industry, which is why many are leveraging modern cloud-based platforms to improve performance, reduce costs, and capitalize on new opportunities to innovate.

While all industries feel the pressure to preserve or enhance the integrity of their data through their cloud migration initiatives, insurers are especially impacted given how crucial data is to their operation. With their high volumes of claims, policies, and premiums, an ineffective approach to data quality and validation, not only slows down cloud migration but leaves organizations open to threats and risk. Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution for implementing and maintaining data integrity for insurance companies, ensuring the potential to extract value from their data is maximized is universal.

If you are thinking of moving into a cloud platform or wondering what is next, join us to learn about:

  • Integrating data silos and ensuring better security
  • Leveraging data observability to proactively identify data issues before they impact the business
  • Delivering quality data attributes that are trusted and fit for purpose
  • Enhancing business data through data enrichment and location intelligence solutions to unlock valuable, hidden context, and reveal critical relationships transforming raw data into actionable insights
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    Senior Director, Product Management - Data Integration

    Ashwin Ramachandran

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